Coffee 101: Types of coffee you should know

Coffee 101: Types of coffee you should know

At some point, we’ve all been there, waiting in line at our favourite coffee shop, wondering what kind of coffee we’re getting. If you love coffee, here’s a perfect guide to getting familiar with the different types of coffee you should try. Hold on tight because Kansas City Cupcake will be diving deep into your go-to morning drink.

Coffee beans

Arabica and Robusta are the most common coffee beans available in stores. Is there a difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee? 

Arabica is by far the most widely consumed variety of coffee. According to some coffee experts, the flavour of Arabica beans is superior to that of other beans. Arabica beans provide a richer, more complex flavour that you can drink straight. Generally used for black coffee, Arabica beans have a more nuanced flavour. The irony is that despite being the most often consumed, Arabica contains less caffeine than Robusta.

Robusta is a cheaper and stronger alternative to Arabica, making it a more popular choice. Robusta is commonly used in espresso drinks and instant coffee mixtures because of its strong flavour. Try a cup of Robusta coffee on a Monday morning if you’re feeling sluggish.  Thanks to its high caffeine content, you’ll be awake in no time.

Coffee drinks

It’s a wonder how much you can accomplish with just a few little beans. If you’re new to coffee, you’ll be surprised by the wide variety of coffee drinks available.


A cappuccino is a latte with more foam than hot milk. It often comes with a sprinkle of cocoa powder or cinnamon powder on top to create a design.

In some cases, you can get a version of cappuccino that uses cream instead of dairy or include a flavouring shot.


A cup of black coffee contains ground coffee beans, and it’s served hot. If you want to appear more sophisticated, you can use the term ‘café noir’ to refer to black coffee when ordering at your favourite cafe. This type of coffee often tastes strong because it contains no sugar or cream.


Lattes are made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk, and they’re the most popular coffee drink on the market. If you want a flavour shot, you can have everything from vanilla to pumpkin spice in addition to the regular drink.


A richer cup of coffee can be made using espresso, which is made by forcing almost boiling water through ground coffee beans under high pressure. Espresso shots can be enjoyed on their own or as the base for various beverages, including lattes and macchiatos.


To make a macchiato drink, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and powder are added to create the flavour of mocha. Although this is a decent entry-level coffee drink, it falls somewhere between the adult-like hot chocolate and the childlike café latte in terms of flavour.


One shot of espresso is all that’s needed to make a ristretto. Since it contains less hot water than a regular shot of espresso or a doppio, this coffee has a sweeter flavour.If you are looking for a cafe with a good ambience that offers the best tasting coffee drinks, Kansas City Cupcake is the place for you. For more information, you can visit our site or contact us.

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