Six meals you should try in Kansas City

Kansas City has a lot of delicacies that people would love to eat. From barbecue, chicken, coffee all the way to the yummy burgers, the city has it all. This is why it is important to know where to eat since the city has many options that people should try to enjoy their trip.

KC has been more efficient when it comes to their food. The restaurant scene has improved so much over the years and there are a lot of places to eat. From being a one-stop barbecue shop, Kansas City has turned into a city that has bursted with countless dining options. 

Aside from Kansas City Cupcake, there are so many places that offer the best food in town, and there is no shortage of those. This is why it is important to find the best restaurants that can ensure a well-rounded experience in Kansas City dining.

It is time to have a cheat day and try out the best food that Kansas City has to offer. Here are the top six food that you should not miss in Kansas City:

Brisket poutine

Kansas City has more BBQ restaurants than any other city in the United States. That says a lot about their grills and the locals can tell anyone that they have the best burnt ends. The best one to try in Kansas City is the brisket poutine, which is a specialty among many restaurants. One of the best places that offer this meal is the Q39, which opened in 2014.

Double cheeseburger

Kansas City’s own double cheeseburger is far from the usual ones offered in fast food chains. In Kansas City, the burger is cooked well and grilled to perfection, and their patties are so huge that it will make the fast food version look like dwarves. There is no doubt that Kansas City has one of the best cheeseburgers to offer, let alone put two patties in one.

Tacos al pastor 

Mexican food is also a mainstay in Kansas City. There are a lot of restaurants in the city that offer a wide variety of Mexican menu, and Tacos El Gallo boasts their Tacos al pastor as one of the best in the city. It is loved by a lot of people and they even go for more than two rounds for this delicious meal.

Burnt ends sandwich 

Gates Bar-B-Q is one of the oldest BBQ chains in Kansas City. The menu in the restaurant is clearly one of the best and has no fancy appetizers and so on. They just offer a list of meat served in a try and two slices of bread. The burnt ends are a local favourite, and a lot of people love to enjoy this meal at any given day in the week.

Cinnamon rolls 

Aside from Kansas City Cupcake, cinnamon rolls are also a big deal in Kansas City. This food is not only found on dessert menus, but they are also present in meal packages all over the city. It is hard to pin down which of the restaurants offer the best cinnamon rolls, but one of the top places to eat this is at Big Momma’s Bakery and Cafe.

Espresso cream soda 

There are a lot of coffee shops in Kansas City, but perhaps Monarch Coffee takes the top spot for their great lattes and hand-brewed coffee. They also have a lot of mixed cocktails, which includes espresso cream soda. This is one of the best drinks that a coffee lover can enjoy even when they are tired or full.

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