Why cupcakes are the best-baked goods

Cupcakes are the best for every situation. Whether it is for an event, a gift or for self-indulgence, you can never go wrong when buying a delicious mini cake. It’s creamy and sweet-frosting plus its moist sponge base, it is hard for such great baked goods to disappoint anyone. 

With millions of cupcakes devoured in a year, it is safe to say that everyone loves them. They are shareable and have several kinds that can appeal to all ages. Additionally, its built-in portion control makes it a sweet escape from your diet without having many consequences. 

There are more reasons why cupcakes are the best but eating one yourself is the way to know why. Try kansascitycupcakecocafe and enjoy a wide variety of fun-filled cupcakes many enjoy on a daily basis. They have proven themselves to be the best at what they do and more. 

Here are some more reasons why cupcakes are the best:


Cupcakes are the best snack to make and eat in a short amount of time. As it takes an average of 30 minutes to bake a batch making it much less of a hassle compared to cakes that take an hour or two. You can also decorate it however you want and devour and savour it as quickly as you can. 

Portion control is much simpler

Instead of cutting a cake into different portions that may cause arguments due to size, cupcakes usually come in batches of the same proportions. You can easily portion the amount you want to share and eat when you’re looking at 1 cupcake versus deciding between an average-sized or a large piece of cake. 

A heaven-made match for diet-conscious people, cupcakes have an average calorie and fat count of 105 and 4 gms respectively, compared to the 245 calories and 14 gms of one cake serving. They are quite literally, the healthier option.

There is a huge variety of cupcakes available 

Cupcakes are versatile baked goods that allow many flavours to be introduced. Instead of only having the basic chocolate and vanilla variations, you can opt to have one of the following: 

  1. Caramel
  2. Pumpkin
  3. Banana
  4. Coffee
  5. Strawberry
  6. Lemon
  7. Peanut butter
  8. Carrot cake
  9. Red velvet
  10. Coconut

The different flavours give you the chance to be creative with how you decorate. This could spark good conversations about these as it gets more people talking about how great those cupcakes are. You can also try matching the cupcake to certain foods to step up your game.

Cupcakes are great for surprises

When it comes to surprises, cupcakes are a great choice. Due to their tiny size, you may try out several flavours and fillings without making a big commitment. Even better, you may include a sweet message for your special someone in the centre along with their favourite fillings.

Cupcakes and cakes are elite heavenly sweets, and though one is better than the other, both are delivered with equal love to your doorstep. So the next time you have confusion, simply go to kansascitycupcakecocafe and order, not only cupcakes but a full meal as well. 

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