Top 11 coffee shops to visit in Kansas City

Coffee is one of the best drinks that can be offered to any American adult. Coffee is life and a lot of people drink it every day. From winter mornings all the way to the night shift, coffee is still the best and that is why there are a lot of people in Kansas City who want to see the best coffee.

There are a lot of coffee shops to choose from in Kansas City, and one can be really picky if they wanted to. Coffee lovers would never run out of options, and they can even try out each and every single one of these shops if they have the luxury of time.

At least 64% of American adults drink coffee every day, and that is why there are a lot of cafes and shops that one can find in a snap. Kansas City offers a wide variety of options for drinking coffee, and those who want to try are in for a treat just as Kansas City Cupcake offers them free coffee and cupcakes.

There are a lot of factors to consider when finding a coffee shop. People are picky when it comes to their coffee and they have the right to do so. People can only enjoy the coffee drink they love the most if they can also be comfortable in the cafe itself.

A coffee shop with a chill atmosphere is always favourable for anyone who wants to have a good time. These coffee shops have a certain vibe and customers should feel relaxed as soon as they walk into the premises.

Aesthetics come into play since there are a lot of people who want to take photos of their coffee. Adding a clean coffee shop to drink their coffee in is a good look, and any place that looks good on photo appeals to the public more.

A coffee shop is nothing without great coffee. Quality drinks are always what attracts people into the shop, and no one can deny the fact that it is what makes the experience worth it. Here are the top 12 coffee shops that people should visit in Kansas City:

Cafe Ollama

Cafe Ollama is a Mexican-owned shop inspired by Latin American themes. The cafe brews their special blend of coffee in a traditional Mexican jar known as a barro. They also have a specialty drink that is spiced with cinnamon, star anise and piloncillo with roots. 

This recipe dates all the way back to the Mexican revolution and all of their drinks are named after owner Lesley Reyes, which brings a little slice of Mexican culture to a coffee shop in the Southwest Boulevard spot.

Rock Island Coffee

Rock Island Coffee is one of the biggest shops in Kansas City. Owner Thatcher Rogers has been around coffee for most of his life. His father was a senior employee at Starbucks, and he knew from the start that he was destined to follow his footsteps as well. 

Rogers’ own business bloomed in Kansas City. He roasts and prepares everything himself for the shop, which is something that people appreciate so much. His success has led Rock Island Coffee to become one of the prime shops in the city.


Hitides is one of the rare coffee shops in Kansas City. It is unique thanks to its tiki-themed design and art collective space. The shop does a lot of classic espresso drinks, drip and pour-over coffee. They even serve cold brew, tea and hot chocolate for those who want to skip coffee day. 

Hitides has also paired with Donutology and Meshuggah Bagels to offer a wide array of tropical donut and bagel flavours such as Coconut Rum donut and Redtide Berry Bagel Toast. Their specialties also include a creamy smooth dole whip, a prickly palm lemonade and a sea rose latte with dried rosebuds as toppings.


Jinkies is located in Overland Park and is known for its theme that is based on seventies swag all the way to cartoon references. They even have Scooby-Doo lemonades and their vintage records can take customers back in time. The shop is known also for its strong presence in Overland Park as one of the leading coffee shops in the city.

The shop offers seasonal flavours as well. Cereal milk and popcorn lattes are featured in the summer while the holiday season boasts the likes of Funky Mittens latte and raspberry flavours. This is what makes the shop so unique compared to others in the city.

Transit Coffee

Transit Coffee took over a spot in the Main Street that formerly housed Oddly Correct – one of the city’s former prominent coffee shops. Transit did not pull off a lot of customers in their opening, but they stayed under the radar mainly due to construction within the area. 

Still, Transit Coffee boasts one of the aesthetic places to drink coffee. The brick-walled space makes it calm and there are even a lot of decor that makes it a classic place. The shop also offers a small food menu and some creative drinks for those who want to try different flavours.

Kinship Cafe

Kinship Cafe is more than just coffee, it is also more about community as well. The cafe is located in the Strawberry Hill District and is owned by TJ Roberts. The cafe holds everything from meditation sessions all the way to financial and career training as well. They help out in community services, which makes the cafe a destination for a lot of people.

Kinship’s specialty, the Flash Brew, is made with beans and brewed over ice to take out acidity levels and bitterness. Kinship also plans to feature coffee from other local roasters to provide something new per quarter.

Summer Moon

Summer Moon has served coffee from Texas all the way to El Paso. This shop serves coffee made from beans that are roasted over oak in a pit that looks like the same grill where briskets are cooked on. Their drinks have a moon milk creamer, and the recipe is clearly not available to the public. 

There are a lot of interesting theories on how coffee is made, and that popularity has led to the expansion of the shop in a plaza near downtown Overland Park. The moon milk lattes still remain as the main draw and their stylish space made them a hit among photographers as well.

Monarch Cafe

Monarch Cafe looked like it stepped out of a Pinterest board, and the shop has been one of the most Instagrammable places in Kansas City. Monarch has its own roasting company, which explains why their coffee has been so efficient and fantastic for a lot of customers. Their signature drink is a lighter roast that has the perfect blend.

Monarch has a lower level which has an event space known as ‘The Drawing Room’, and it is perfect for a small event of 36 to 50 people. The shop is located at 3550 Broadway but it only serves to-go drinks, but their expansion at 2345 Grand Boulevard offers a dine-in option from 7am to 1pm on weekdays.

Messenger Coffee Company

The Messenger Coffee Company is one of the new shops in Kansas City that enjoyed a quick rise to fame in the coffee industry. Since opening its doors in 2017, MC has been a big hit for a lot of delivery personnel who like to grab a latte and pastry before going on their way. The shop has a red brick building and has a contemporary vibe inside with more art on display.

There is also a roasting space in the premises, which houses two San Franciscan drum roasters. The coffee lab can be seen well by the customers and there is even a rooftop access for the cafe. The shop offers a seasonal menu and has their own house-made specials as well.

Cafe Equinox

Cafe Equinox has a green concept, and a lot of people often mistake it for a greenhouse instead of a coffee shop. Plant lovers can enjoy drinking their coffee in this shop since Cafe Equinox has their own beans planted on the premises as well. 

The shop has stellar drinks, with Thou Mayest Roasterie being one of the best flavours in the cafe. They also have some delicious local pastries, some of which are Kansas City Cupcake specials. The shop has a secondary location for those who want to enjoy the drinks on the other side of Kansas City as well.

Filling Station

Filling Station used to be an actual gas station before the cafe was built. The business is good so far for this shop and a lot of customers have been going here and there to enjoy the best drinks that they offer. This shop is a big hit for actual car owners since it has a large parking space.

The cafe also offers a fresh-pressed juice bar along with a great menu for breakfast and lunch options. Filling Station has a great outdoor patio and lures a lot of customers in the summer – which is the peak season for the shop.