Top seven bakeries to order your cupcakes in Kansas City

When it comes to cupcakes, Kansas City is one of the best places to visit. People would surely get the best flavours in the city since there are a lot of options to choose from. This is what makes Kansas City one of the states to visit if people are looking for bakeries to buy cupcakes.

There are times when people just can’t get a hold of themselves and will crave something sweet. Cupcakes are one of the delicious foods that a person would love to eat to either satisfy their cravings or at least get them through their snack time.

Fresh cupcakes are available in shops such as Kansas City Cupcake, and there are so many bakeries to choose from. Some of these places even offer special flavours and come in many shapes and sizes.

Here are the top seven bakeries in Kansas City that you should consider ordering cupcakes from:

BabyCakes — 108 Missouri Ave., Kansas City, Missouri

BabyCakes bakes some of the best cupcakes for at least $3 per piece. They also offer some packages but it has to be ordered at least two or five days in advance. The wait may bore some people but their cupcakes are really tasty and they even have special bundles that cost around $35.

Cupcake A La Mode — 4639 Wornall Rd., Kansas City, Missouri

This bakery is one of the unique ones in Kansas City. Aside from its name, Cupcake A La Mode has a lot of flavours that can even be customised depending on the customer’s request. Their services are usually limited but the food is always tasty!

Gigi’s Cupcakes — 6780 W 135th St, Overland Park, Kansas

Gigi’s are always delicate with their cupcakes. Every flavour, from plain ones all the way to with toppings or frosting, Gigi’s cupcakes are always sweet and rich – making it worth the price all the time. They are one of the best in the city and there is always a long line in their stores.

Kansas City Cupcake Co. — 5038 Lamar Ave., Mission, Kansas and 719 N 6th St. Kansas City, Kansas

KC Cupcake makes a lot of cupcakes with a lot of variety in colour, flavour and design. People can find a lot of options especially when they order in batches, so this makes KC one of the top bakeries that people should try buying from.

Mud Pie Vegan Bakery — 1615 W 39th St. Kansas City, Missouri

Mud Pie Vegan Bakery is the only vegan bakery in Kansas City. Their cupcakes range from super sweet to healthy, making them one of the unique bakeries in the city. This bakery proves that delicious goods don’t always have to be sweet, but they can also be healthy for consumers.

Simply Frosted — 1121 W Main St. Blue Springs, Missouri

Simply Frosted is a bakery that serves only 15 different flavours every day. They have no specific schedule on which flavours are served on a single day, so it is always a surprise for a lot of cupcake lovers to see which one is on the menu. Just like Kansas City Cupcake, Simply Frosted offers a great delight to its customers.

Smallcakes — 3 locations in Kansas City

Smallcakes are known for their tiny cupcakes – hence the name. They may have palm-sized cupcakes, but their flavours give that extra kick and are not that little at all. A lot of people talk about this bakery since their cupcakes really pack a punch and just like KFC’s secret herbs and spices, Smallcakes have a trick up their sleeve that everyone would love to find out.